Outreach Ideas

Encourage Individuals to Take the America Saves Pledge

Encourage others to take the America Saves Pledge where they can make a commitment to themselves to save for an identified goal. Learn more

Partner with Financial Institutions 

Work with banks and credit unions to offer and promote savings and wealth building accounts during America Saves Week. Learn more.

Partner with Employers 

Work with employers to promote savings and wealth building opportunities at work. Learn more.

Partner with Government

Working with local or national government agencies is a great way to encourage people to save successfully during America Saves Week. Learn more.

Partner with Non-Profits 

Ideas and suggestions on working with non-profits during America Saves Week. Learn more.

Spread the Word With America Saves Week Materials

Need materials to promote the Week? We have web banners, flyers, poster, and payroll stuffers, articles and social media messages to help others save during America Saves Week - and all of our materials are cobrandable. Learn more

Work with the Media

Local or national media can help spread your message and reach thousands of people. Learn more.

Host an Event

Presentations and other group activities are great ways to teach employees, customers, members, constituents, and others about saving money, reducing debt, and forming good financial habits that will last a life time. Learn more.

Hold a Competition

This section contains an overview of a pilot program that encouraged and motivated students, faculty, and staff to set a personal savings commitment and make a simple plan to achieve it. While the materials in this section focus on students this model can be replicated across many different organizations and audiences.

Organize a Campaign 

Using the principles of social marketing, the development of a community-based America Saves campaign is a partnership between the local organization(s) and the national America Saves team. The campaign encourages good saving behavior throughout the community and motivates and supports individuals and families to save money, reduce debt, and build wealth. Learn more.