America Saves Week

February 22-27, 2016 is an annual opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status.

Educators & Youth Organizations

How Can We Do That? 

High Schools and Universities

Motivate students, staff, and faculty to take the America Saves Pledge through presentations, financial education sessions, and other activitiesLearn more

Hold a Pledge competition between students. Learn more.  

Include the Pledge in required classes or orientations. Learn more.

Motivate students to take the America Saves Pledge through social media. Learn more.

Motivate students to open and save regularly in a wealth building account at partner financial institutions. Learn more.

More outreach ideas. Learn more.

Additional Resource for High School and FBLA Programs

Young America Saves created an in-depth kit that includes, talking points, a sample press release, sample letters for parents, radio spots, and more. Download the kit

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Additional Opportunity to Help Students and Employees Save

Training Young Adults To Save At Work

America Saves is piloting a Saving and Savings Education program for first-time workers in 13 cities to spotlight the importance of saving through work for younger employees. This initiative seeks to affect national savings behavior by providing young people working for the first time with an opportunity through their employment orientation to save some of their paycheck. Learn more.

-- Encourage people to take financial action through saving, debt reduction, and wealth building! --