How Can Individuals Participate?

Take the America Saves Pledge

- Set a goal and make a plan to save. Join over 390,000 people who have pledged to save and take the America Saves Pledge today. Already taken the pledge?  America Saves encourages you to recommit to your savings goal and re-pledge today. Military?  Take the Military Saves Pledge

Assess Your Savings Progress

- Find out if you are saving in all the right places. 

Test Your Savings Knowledge

- Take this savings quiz to reveal how much you understand about the realities of savings in America. 

Read Saver Stories

- Read stories from savers just like you, who have submitted their story to us about how they overcame a financial problem. 

Picture (and Share) Your Savings Goal

- People save more successfully when then have a goal in mind. That’s why we’ve created posters so you can put your savings goal into perspective and share it.